WEDCO District Health Department & Home Health Agency  

Serving Harrison, Nicholas, Scott, and Bourbon County Home Health 

School Health Program
The mission of the WEDCO District Health Department school based clinic is to protect the health and well being of all students thereby promoting student success.  Clinic days and times vary from school to school. Contact your child’s school to learn the nurses’ clinic schedule. The following is available to all students whose consent forms have been signed.

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Nursing Assessment of health problems with referral as needed                   

Parents must complete a Consent Form each year and return it to the school nurse before any services can be administered.


Over the Counter medication as follows: 
Permission forms must be completed and returned to the school nurse before any prescribed or over the counter medication can be given.
• Benadryl, for allergic reaction/itching.
• Antacid tablets or liquid for indigestion.
• Calamine lotion for skin rashes.
• Robitussin (Plain), for cough associated with common cold.
• Ibuprofen for headaches, cramps and other discomfort based on the nurse’s assessment.
• Hydrocortisone cream (1/2 %) for contact dermatitis.
• Antifungal cream for ringworm.
• Antibiotic ointment for cuts, abrasions and other skin conditions based on the nurse’s assessment.
• Throat lozenge for throat discomfort
• Acetaminophen for headaches, earaches and other discomfort based on the nurse’s assessment.
• Aloe Vera Lotion for mild sunburn

Health Assessments
• Complete physical exams by a registered nurse, which may include basic lab tests as necessary (separate consent will be sent home for physicals).
• Hearing and vision screenings as needed.
• Scoliosis screenings for eighth graders.
• Oral health, including fluoride varnish applications for kindergarteners and dental screenings for second and third graders by a Dental Professional.
• Immunizations and TB skin test (parental consent for immunizations needed prior to giving).

If your child qualifies to receive free or reduced lunch, he or she qualifies for a Well Child Exam. Please contact the school nurse if you would be interested in this service for your child.


Health Education Services
• Nutritional needs (weight loss or gain, eating habits, special diets, etc.)
• Physical health problems
• Physical and Dental Health Education for parents
• Classroom instruction


Emergency Procedures Guide
Please contact your school nurse if needed. The links below will take you to some on-line training materials for users.  


All medical records are the property of the WEDCO District Health Department. No other agency will have access to these records without your written consent. We protect the privacy of your child’s health information by:
• limiting how we use and disclose health information.
• providing physical safeguards including secure offices and storage facilities, electronic protections, and procedures.
• training employees about privacy policies and procedures. 

A full copy of our privacy policy can be downloaded here.