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Hotel & Motel

Hotels and motels are inspected once per year. If the hotel or motel has a swimming pool then the swimming pool is inspected 2 times a year. Please contact the local health department for any complaints regarding a hotel or motel. Please fill out a complaint form and submit the form to the local health department for further investigation.

Kentucky Revised Statutes


KRS 219.021 - Permits for hotels -- Fee -- Exemptions

KRS 219.031 - Denial, suspension, or revocation of permit; hearing; Cabinet and local health department employees authorized to enter premises

KRS 219.041 - Regulations -- State hotel code

KRS 219.051 - Enforcement of fire and safety regulations

KRS 219.071 - Trust and agency fund -- Expenditure of funds

KRS 219.081- Short title


Kentucky Administrative Regulation

902 KAR 7:010 - Hotel and Motel Code