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Serving Harrison, Nicholas, Scott, and Bourbon County Home Health 

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About Us & Our Services

WEDCO District Health Department is a public district health department that serves the citizens of Bourbon (Home Health only), Harrison, Nicholas and Scott Counties. The service array includes preventive health care such as Well Child and Prenatal Clinics; early intervention and treatment clinics such as STD and TB; environmental services such as restaurant, swimming pool and hotel inspections; health education services such as physical activity and nutrition education and puberty/sexuality education; as well as many other vital services such as home visitation to first time high risk parents (our HANDS Program) and school nursing. Please use the menu to the left to learn more about the various programs we offer to our community.

What is Public Health
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During the Martha Layne Collins administration, health departments were divided up into districts. At that time each district had the responsibility to develop a name for that district.  Dr. W.E. Davis was a great contributor of his time to the counties that were involved in this district, so out of respect and appreciation for his services, the district decided to honor him and name our district WEDCO or W. E. Davis Counties. When the name was submitted however, the state refused to allow the health department to be named after a person, so the meaning of WEDCO became the Wedding of the Counties. So in fact, the name WEDCO has a dual meaning.

Mission Statement

To be a voice,  partner and leader in building stronger, healthier and safer communities for all, where we live, work and play.

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